Almost a year right? I can’t see you and hear your voice on a call. You know I really miss you right now. What are you doing now? Are you still watching on me? Have you already met God and sat beside Him? I hope so… I always pray someday we’ll get together again.

Dad, I wanna go home, meet mom and all brothers and sister, but you know I still hard just to tell you hmm…I don’t have enough saving this month. Hasil gambar untuk Icon Malu But I already have planned it since two months ago, I think I should tell you this. May 15, I want to see your tomb. It’s too hard to move on from you… Everybody said time can erase the lose and pain, but a year is too fast for me. I know in your life we always in a different point of view. But it’s better than nothing, I realize…

I always got mad when you were still drinking so much and didn’t give attention on us. I’m glad now you aren’t able to drink alot again, except God give it to you  Hasil gambar untuk Icon tertawa

Ahhh, I miss you…. There’s a song tells a child who miss his father and want him to come to the child’s dream. I want you to come to my dream too, since you’re gone you only came once to my dream. Hmm it looks you were a little bit busy out there hehehe..

Good night Dad… I’m sorry for every Good night I can’t speak to… And lots of thing I can’t give to you… Don’t be sad, just let me a night with this tears. I promise I’ll be strong day by day…

I miss you.


With love

Your youngest daughter


Hi Dad, How are you there?

Aku tidak tahu akan apa yang kuhadapi

Sudahkah aku mengambil keputusan yang tepat?

Bagaimana jika aku salah?

Seakan hatiku menjawab, “Sudahlah… Toh berani adalah pilihan yang patut diacungi jempol. Hentikan kekhawatiranmu dan tetap berusaha”

Seorangpun tidak akan ada yang tahu masa depannya,

Bahkan jika kamu merasa telah mengambil keputusan yang tepat, bukan berarti kamu tidak memiliki kekhawatiran

Oleh sebab itu, berhentilah khawatir, tetap berusaha dan serahkan selebihnya kepada Tuhanmu

Jangan Khawatir